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Salute! The Best of Italian Wines

The Italian countryside continues to produce some of the best wines in the world after thousands of years of cultivating and wine making. Is it any wonder considering that this small European country is also one of the biggest consumers of wine? Italians know their wine and expect only the best from their own vineyards. What is so special about Italian wines? What are the characteristics that wine drinkers can expect from a high quality Italian bottle of vino?

Italian wines are earthy and acidic. The wine makers of this country understand the art of capturing the flavor of the land. They are also good at mastering cleansing acidity, which is so important for matching with the fresh, rich flavors of Italian food. Think of the most popular white grape from Italy, pinot grigio. It is acidic, often with notes of citrus and peach and mineral notes, perfect paired with shellfish and buttery sauces. Sangiovese is one of the more medium bodied Italian reds. With bright fruit and herbal tones it is an excellent wine for fresh tomatoes and basil as well as roasted chicken and fish. On the robust side there are the great Italian nebbiolos and barberas, which are strong on fruit and earth, but still acidic enough to wash down flavorful Italian dishes.

Exploring the wines that Italy has to offer is an experience in itself. Enjoy the flavors, the complexity and the artistry that goes into the best of Italian wines.

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